Where guidelines exist relating to the use of probiotics for the management of specific conditions, these recommend use for at least 4 weeks. We at Symprove know from our research that 12 weeks is optimal for rebalancing the microbiome. We appreciate that 12 weeks could be a big commitment. That’s why there is an introductory offer available for all new customers where 12 weeks of Symprove only costs the price of 8 weeks. For more details visit symprove.com

Symprove can be taken on an ongoing basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Symprove is:

  • dairy-free
  • gluten-free
  • vegan-friendly
  • low FODMAP* diet-friendly

*FODMAP: Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols

If you would like to suggest a course of Symprove, please direct individuals to symprove.com, where they can read consumer-friendly information about Symprove and purchase their initial 12-week programme. They can also find their nearest Symprove stockist here.

Symprove (original and mango and passion fruit) would be considered low FODMAP.

Gluten-free products are recommended when following the low FODMAP diet as they remove wheat, rye and barley from the diet (which are all sources of fructans). Symprove is gluten-free (contains 20 parts per million or less of gluten) and therefore suitable for those following a gluten free diet (particularly important for those with coeliac disease). Additionally, the mango and passion fruit flavour option is sweetened with sucralose which is considered a low FODMAP sweetener.

Due to its robust safety profile, there is no lower age limit for taking Symprove. However, in clinical practice, paediatric dietitians generally recommend Symprove be used after breastfeeding cessation (or from the age of 6 months).

For children aged 6 months and over, the guideline Symprove dose is 1ml per kg of body weight.