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Dr Lynne Anne Barker gut microbiome and neurological health

The gut microbiome and its role in neurological health by Dr Lynne Anne Barker

Associate Professor in cognitive neuroscience, Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University,

Gut-brain axis

An inspirational woman in science

by Sian Shepherd, BSc (Hons) Nutrition
Registered NHS & Freelance Dietitian, specialising in Gastroenterology

gut dysbiosis

The gut-brain axis and neurological symptoms associated with Covid-19

Research is looking into the effect of probiotics on gut dysbiosis in COVID-19 patients.

Interview with Dr. Tara Swart

Neuroscientist, psychiatrist, bestselling author, executive advisor and senior lecturer at MIT Sloan.

Eve Kalinik – The gut-brain axis

Nutritional therapist and author Eve Kalinik explains the gut-brain axis.